This is my losing performance at Dr. Grins 'Funniest Person in Grand Rapids' competition. The comic before me went over her time limit and had to be clapped off-stage unfortunately. It's fun to perform in a competition when a winner is based off audience vote, especially when you're not from that town and your only friends are other comics. Kind of gives me the 'fuck it' I'm just gonna have some fun mentality and remember to expect nothing. That was a fun show.


I thought it would be fun to turn on the closed captions on youtube and see how my set translates for the deaf. Below are a handful of screenshots which may be funnier than my actual jokes. 

Damn, this was unreal. I saw Stanhope in Ohio a couple days prior to this. When I went to say hello after the show Stanhope recognized me as the kid who had emailed him who might be a douche. Which I don't blame him. I had emailed him asking if it was cool that I wore a Stanhope-esque suit for my weekly show as a homage to one of my favorite comics and he gave me the go ahead. Anyways, that night in Ohio he asked if I'd like to do five minutes upfront in Detroit which I didn't expect at all. Holy shit I almost cried/sweat through my clothes/smiled till it hurt all while trying to play it cool. 

The night of the Detroit show I decided to wear the suit, and felt like a dick walking into his show dressed like him. In fact, every time I walk to my truck on the way to set up Prankis with all my audio gear I can't help feeling that way, especially when no one gets the reference and the show bombs. 

That was by far (and still is) the biggest show I've done. There were about 400 people in the crowd standing, since it was rock club which isn't exactly the best way to experience a 2hr long comedy show. When I went up I had no intro, just a quiet awkward walk to the mic. It was fucking fantastic, and nothing like hitting an open mic the next day without an audience to bring me back to reality. 

For a minute, I was using this clip to submit for work which probably wasn't the smartest thing to do since my closing punchline is 'faggot'. I would hope you can see the irony in that joke, but I've been wrong before.