Bart Dangus

Comedian, Host, Podcaster

Bart started his career in Arizona and lived on the road for a brief stint traveling the US while hosting a podcast and doing stand up comedy. After about a year he settled in Detroit, started a weekly show called Prankis with Bart Dangus, wrote for The Metropolitan, and has been performing all over North America including Canada. He's booked two DIY tours, performed at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, the Backline improv/comedy club, Comedy off Main, Go Comedy! Improv club, & The Independent Comedy Club. He’s worked with Stewart Huff, Dave Landau, Heather Jay H, Ryan Schutt, Dave Stone, Eddie Pepitone, Mike Recine and most notably has opened for Andy Andrist and Doug Stanhope. He has also appeared on LTWSE, in BIg Time Garbage Festival 2017, and on a WDET segment. In 2019, Bart moderated live calls with Longmont Potion Castle, one of which ended up being featured as track #9 ‘Flashback Take out’ on LPC’s Volume 16.

His style has been described as:

"With a stoic demeanor and cadence to match, Bart Dangus has a unique wit and creativity that will have audiences laughing at the painful side of life.” - Louis D. Michael