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This was a fun one to do. We also had the editor of The Met on our podcast prior to this. This article basically just lays out the premise of my show. I feel bad for not mentioning the room in Toronto by name (cause I had too many that night) but they were a huge inspiration to what I wanted to do. Check out The Danger Room if you find yourself in Toronto.

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Mike Bobbitt thinks I'm funny...

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I realize this hardly counts as 'press' but I'm glad that Mike thinks I'm funny because he's about 9000 steps ahead of me as a comic. Check you his work

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PHX New Times Article

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Yeah, we were happy to get some promotion but unfortunately it just made us sound like fucking crazy cat ladies. We mentioned we had pets that my Mom was going to take care of and all of a sudden that became the backbone of the article and barely touches on comedy, art, podcasting, or traveling . 'Cats' is mentioned 9 times in the article and 'Comedy' only once. Gah damnit.